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We’ll Ensure You Always Get The Best Result.

Redscan solutions Ensure Best And Ontime Results ,Since we are in a developing country needed more care and support for the rural part of the nation. We make our services reachable to all rural areas apart from an urban and metropolitan city. We offer Teleradiology / Nighthawk reporting services to customers across the India

Our Services

We Employ Latest Research Technology & Company

Rad Scan Solutions is dedicated to providing excellence in diagnostic Teleradiology, Radiology  and consultative services across India. We provide complete 24 x 7 teleradiology reporting coverage for diagnostic image interpretations for conventional radiology (CR/DR), ultrasound, color Doppler, CT scan, MRI, PET-CT, etc. We also offer preliminary and final interpretations to those hospitals and diagnostic centers that need some extra support either for overflow during busy hours, vacation coverage or weekends.

We partner with diagnostic centers, hospitals, medical groups and other entities requiring remote, off-site reading of diagnostic imaging studies by using our Teleradiology services. We have the state-of-the-art infrastructure and expertise available to provide round-the-clock, reliable, and efficient service to our clients.

We provide you the best services on time, round-the-clock and at the best of costs.

Our Expertise

Telereporting services of Digital X-rays Reporting

100% Accuracy In Results

CT scan Reporting

100% Accuracy In Results

MRI Reporting

100% Accuracy In Results

Why People Trust Us

We Have Best And Latest Technologies To Give Best And On Time Results.

High Quality Lab

Unmatched Expertise

Precise Result Within 30 Minutes

40+ Radiologist Across India

Get One Step Ahead Of Disease

Make Sure You Get 100% Accurate Reports

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